About Us

Comedy on Demand USA – is a new concept that is a partnership between Internet Radio (The Love Zone USA.com), a Film Company (KVibe.com) and “TALENT” (talentdacomedian.com) designed to allow customers to view Live Comedy Shows from all over the USA (soon the World)

Customers will be able to view “Live Comedy” from various venues whether they be small Comedy Cafes to large Theatres and anything in between the concept is simple You can “Go to Any Comedy Show in the USA” and view it from anyplace via your Tablet, Smartphone or SmartTV, PC or Laptop.

The concept was born out of an idea by National Radio Host Mike “T” who interviewed the first Comedian on Radio in NJ at WNJR named “BILL BELAMY” and as they say the rest is history. The ability to have an Internet PPV (Pay Per View) is similar to the concept of a Cable PPV only via the Internet you can view content on a variety of devices not just TV and around the world (not just limited to USA. Mike T says “Our society is now mobile why not allow people to view Comedy on the go as opposed to just enjoying laughter at home and be tethered to a TV”?

So with the advent of Comedy on Demand USA you can not only view it ‘Live” but 24/7. So enjoy Comedy on Demand USA –Instead of worry about driving, parking or having to wait for that Comedian to tour through your town you can now view “Live” or “Recorded” Comedy “ Wherever you go and Whenever you want!”